Ingredients of High  Blood Pressure Support

Holistrol is a proprietary herbal blend made of holly leaf extract, hawthorn fruit extract, and daikon seed extract. These ingredients have been used in China as tea, fruit, and spices for centuries. They are extremely safe to take and have no side effects. They also have long term health benefits for supporting cardiovascular and arterial health. They can support more elastic blood vessels, improve circulation, and relax the central nervous system.

_MG_6694_copyHawthorn Berry is a traditional herbal remedy clinically shown to help improve the blood supply to the heart by dilating the heart’s vessels.Hawthorne also appears to help support the metabolism of the heart.

holy leaf

Holly Leaf has been used as a folk medicinal tea in China for centuries. Recent studies suggest Holly leaf helps expand blood vessels to help support circulation and blood flow to
the heart.

 Daikon-Seeds-300x200Daikon seed has been used for a thousand years as a traditional herbal remedy. Studies suggest that Daikon seed helps maintain cardio-vascular health and helps support healthy blood pressure.


What makes the ingredients in Holistrol so effective?

Our company, Pharm East, produces the ingredients in Holistrol . At Pharm East, we believe it’s important to respect the character of each individual herb. So we scour the best places on Earth where these rare herbs grow, and they find the ones with the most powerful healing effects. They then work with local farmers and collectors to bring you these potent herbs.

After the raw ingredients are collected, they are processed in Pharm East’s own factory. We have strict quality control standards in place to ensure safety and effectiveness. To maximize the healing effects and minimize the side-effects of each individual herb, we utilize a proprietary, full-spectrum extraction processing technique and a specialized formulation for each product.

The active components of each herb are tested by full-spectrum high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis before and after processing and are free of heavy metals and other harmful chemicals.

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